One whole week of testnet — Tech Update

The 1st week of testnet has been a fantastic success, the feedback from our community has been great and we are taking huge steps towards better functionality. This week, the frontend team worked on integrating a light mode that we are excited to release as well as more data metrics for display! 😄

The infrastructure team continued working on load testing and we are taking steps towards mainnet. The next steps in our road map will be an emphasis on security, we are looking toward our auditing partners and planning some exciting bug bounty programs for the community.

We are looking towards more security features like KYC and password filling. A fix will also be implemented before wallet connect that can lead to some bugs here like application error disclosure.

Below are some of the metrics to give our community more insight!


  • Total Transaction — 85008

Main feature request:

  • Light mode

Main Bug report:

  • Add liquidity failure with some of the token pairs

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