Important Update: Poolz Vesting Contract Hacked

1 min readMar 15, 2023


Hi AdaSwap holders,

Poolz Vesting Contract was hacked approximately four hours ago, which held 2b $ASW (20% of our tokens) at the time of the hack, as part of all the projects that conducted their IDO on Poolz.

The hacker has liquidated his entire holdings as quickly as he could, he conducted several $ASW sales on UniSwap that led to a significant decline in $ASW price.

Unfortunately the locked vesting pool for our tokens also affects our contributors, advisors & team (that had their tokens held on Poolz Vesting Contract and were not vested yet), the team is currently in talks with Poolz and other relevant parties to conduct a plan moving forward, we’ll have more information in the coming days.

The hacker’s wallet:

The PeckShield announcement regarding the hack:

This has not changed AdaSwap’s situation in any way and we are still continuously working on building a great ecosystem, while no additional $ASW tokens are at any risk.