Important AdaSwap IDO Updates

2 min readMar 17, 2022


Here we will give you a walkthrough of the latest updates and participation guidelines!

The AdaSwap Team is excited to let you know about the next steps of the AdaSwap IDO.
We are conducting our IDO with DAO Maker and Poolz.

The exact launch date will be announced soon. Each launchpad has its rule for participation, so be sure to read the details about the IDO participation process and most important of all, beware of scams!
There are a ton of impostors that try to get your funds at IDOs and in general, you should make sure to follow only official links posted by AdaSwap, DAO Maker or Poolz.

Please also make sure to not give private information such as your seed phrase to anyone over the internet, wether through emails or telegram users posing as community managers and/or the team, these are known scams, if you do give out private information, your funds will be drained!

$CARDS Holders Update
We made sure to include our loyal Cardstarter fans!
We are more than happy to announce that after a lot of work both with the Cardstarter team as well as with our new IDO partners, we’ve dedicated a pool just for $CARDS holders, with that said, in order to make sure that it’ll not be used as a way to get advantages over $DAO and $POOLZ holders, we’ve screenshot $CARDS holders at the 16th of March 2022 to be eligible for the $CARDS whitelist, anyone buying $CARDS after this date, won’t be able to get whitelisted!

$CARDS holders can participate in our IDO through Poolz.
More exact details to come down the road, latest updates always come first on our telegram, so make sure to Join Here!

Participation Guide:

Poolz IDO Guide

DAO Maker IDO Guide

IDO Page:


DAO Maker

For those who participate in the IDO, here is some information you may want to know:

Vesting Period
50% at TGE (Token Generation Event) and 50% a month later.

How to Claim
You can claim $ASW directly on and

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