Important AdaSwap & ADANFT Listing Updates

3 min readApr 4, 2022

When will I receive $ASW tokens ?

  • If you have contributed on the IDO, you’ll be able to claim your ERC-20 based $ASW tokens on DAO Maker/Poolz on the 5th of April on 12:05PM UTC, make sure to trade them on Gate.IO, they’ll hold our primary listing!
  • If you have been a part of the early Cardano seed (September or before), you’ll automatically get the Cardano-based $ASW tokens to your Cardano wallet that was provided to us during token migration, You’ll receive your tokens starting from April 5th, 12:05PM UTC — Please note: Cardano is currently very congested and there may be delays to your wallet, just be patient. — You’ll be able to trade your Cardano-based token only on Bitmart and ExMarkets the first listing day! — Gate is currently working on implementing Cardano but won’t be available on the first day.

Where can I buy $ASW tokens ?

  • IDO on Poolz and DAO Maker has ended, no new users can get registered, beware of scammers trying to sell you tokens/get you whitelisted through fake websites/Telegram groups impersonating AdaSwap, DAO Maker, Poolz, Team members or anyone else associated with us!
  • The only places to get our tokens are here:
  • Please note: Listing date is 12PM UTC, 5th of April 2022.
  • We are not trading on any DEXs as of yet, beware of scams/copycat coins on PancakeSwap/UniSwap etc., We will announce DEX listings after the CEX trading starts, Always make sure to check for the correct contract addresses on our website:
  • We do not own .biz .com .co .finance domains and so on, .app is the only official one, all rest are fake trying to scam our community, be cautious.

ADANFT IS GOING LIVE 5th of April 2022, at 12PM UTC!

  • Our first artist is going to be the AdaSwap CEO’s dad, Bernard, he is known for his colorful acrylic portraits, being presented on countless of galleries worldwide like National Hall in London and having collectors from the U.S., Hawaii, England, France and Germany.
    Feel free to take a look at our first collection here:
    Why ?
    - We want to make sure ADANFT is going to be ready for our big upcoming partnerships that are going to land on the platform!
    - We are testing price ranges and community impact on 56-unique artwork pieces (prices from 150 ADA to 6000 ADA a piece as well as different ADANFT tiers)
    - The first Cardano Layer 1 NFT collection from the AdaSwap Team
    - If you’re an NFT Artist with great audience, feel free to join our list of upcoming artists on the platform here:
    - 25% is going towards charity for Ukraine — We will post the transaction once done!

How is development going ?

  • ADANFT on Cardano mainnet is going live at 5th of April, 12PM UTC!
  • AdaSwap’s DEX — Still in development — We expect to launch it on Q3 2022