Development Updates on Cardano Queens & ADANFT

2 min readApr 18, 2022
Cardano Queens on the Platinum Tier being re-sold on the ADANFT Marketplace

ADANFT has held a free drop of the Cardano Queens collection on April 15th, 2022 at 3PM UTC, it was a major success to battle-test Cardano’s current environment and AdaSwap’s Cardano native NFT marketplace.

The way the AdaSwap team has chosen to make the collection free was by allowing any ADANFT tier to buy the Cardano Queens NFTs at 0 ADA + 2.4 ADA in minting fees for the user (4.4 ADA roughly per TX and 2 ADA getting returned with the newly minted NFT).

Roughly 1300 users have registered in advance and almost 500 out of 2000 NFTs were minted so far (max allowed one NFT per user, per 3 hours).

With all the good, we must also make sure to show the flaws we encountered so far, We did post a tweet roughly 1–2 days after the drop started on Twitter and Telegram about congestion issues preventing us from properly minting 183 NFTs (the real number was closer to 15 after closer inspection with the tech team, most complaints from users who were new to the ecosystem and have used Cardano wallets for their first time), we have received some criticism due to the rushed message we have posted as it did come in a time that most of our team wasn’t available (during the national holiday of Passover).

Tech Conclusion

In conclusion, the main issue was that a few of our transactions didn’t get fulfilled on ADANFT due to the transactions having a higher than anticipated delay on the Cardano network causing our API scheduler to dismiss them.

Other minor issues were in terms of analytics (e.g. amount of owners on a certain collection) and metadata (specific features were mixed up by a third-party tool that was used).

About the team and future practices

We do hear feedback and put all of our efforts in creating a better ecosystem for the Cardano user as well as new users getting into Cardano for the first time.

Our core & development team is committed to improving practices, in terms of transparency and honesty with our users and holders. We have been glad to address the community over the last few days regarding accusations made against AdaSwap via Twitter. We would invite for any and all queries to please be put forward so we can unravel any misconceptions.

We have upcoming protocols like the voting system planning to come live on ADANFT in the coming weeks together with some more collections.

Stay tuned!