AdaSwap partners with leading blockchain analytics firm Bird

2 min readDec 22, 2021

AdaSwap Enters partnership with leading blockchain analytics firm Bird!

Bird is an entirely new type of decentralized oracle that empowers blockchain developers with access to plug and play analytics products for next-gen web platforms.

A message from Bird:
is very excited to partner with Bird, AdaSwap will be able to extend the capabilities of it’s DEX by utilizing Bird’s machine learning data analytics and decentralized wallet user-behavioral analytics, one possible application for us will be to provide a variable investment score that will help AdaSwap understand who their long-term project supporters are.

More on Bird!

As a data supplier for the blockchain, their intention is to work with dApp developers and Web 3.0 platforms that can begin to leverage the power of data analytics by easily plugging into Bird’s data analytics oracle and API.

These analytic tools are used to enhance developers’ own decentralized applications and platforms, providing their users with the customized experience that they demand from today’s hyper-connected world.

AdaSwap is continuously evolving and is in line to be the leading DEX on the Cardano network, partnering with Bird is part of this existing evolution to make sure our services and our users have the best experience possible.