AdaSwap partners with 2Crazy NFT!

2 min readApr 20, 2022

AdaSwap x 2CrazyNFT

AdaSwap is pleased to announce the start of a new partnership with 2CrazyNFT. 2CrazyNFT is a revolutionary (e)Sports and staking platform that brings a new dimension to the world of NFTs. ADANFT will be working closely with 2CrazyNFT to bring new utilities and exciting offerings to its NFTs on the Cardano ecosystem.

What Does AdaSwap Offer?

AdaSwap envisions building a thriving Cardano ecosystem. The ultimate objective is to onboard the crypto users into the DeFi world. In doing so, AdaSwap with its versatile ecosystem has launched ADANFT, the first curated and high-speed NFT marketplace on the Cardano network.

The team at AdaSwap plans to create a new frontier of innovation with the help of 2CrazyNFT to offer new and exciting utilities to the ADANFT ecosystem.

What Does 2CrazyNFT Do Best?

2CrazyNFT brings you the opportunity to play with or against your favorite sport athletes with their revolutionary platform. And it doesn’t end there, every individual NFT comes with a unique ‘package deal’. The contents of those packages could vary from tickets for the biggest (e)Sport tournaments with complimentary backstage access to personalized merchandise. There will be both physical and digital items included.

What Does This Collaboration Mean For The Users: Value Proposition

AdaSwap and 2CrazyNFT will work together to expand the utility offerings of NFTs hosted on the Cardano ecosystem.

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