AdaSwap New Age — Cardano Mainnet & APTOS

2 min readOct 20, 2022

The final stretch is here with 2 big announcements to be made!

After over a year of hard work and development, AdaSwap is releasing the final date for MAINNET. We will be going live on Cyber Monday, the 28th of November. Tech updates will be given before mainnet!

AdaSwap has been in deep development mode for the last few months as mainnet approaches. Many technical aspects and advancements have been completed on the backend including finishing our audit with Zokyo and migrating to a new domain name! We are also happy to say the testnet had just under 200,000 transactions!

AdaSWAP Next steps:

1. New staging environment — We released the new smart contracts after the Zokyo audit to staging environment, feel free to help us with testing before the mainnet launch, any bugs that are reported and confirmed by our team will yield a reward to whoever reported them!

2. Farms are on there way and will be deployed on staging including documentation to be ready for mainnet.

The NEXT BIG ANNOUNCEMENT is that AdaSwap will be going cross-chain! AdaSwap has built and grown a fantastic and world class development team. Our NFT market place has been completed and the DEX has been built to highest standards and will be deployed soon, we as a team now look to what is next in the world of blockchain and crypto and where AdaSwap should focus its efforts.

We have decided to deploy our DEX technology on the a new and exciting blockchain APTOS. We will be leading the race to deploy cross-chain capabilities on the APTOS network. The Cardano community has been amazing and we can not wait to share with you the fruits of our labor, but now we ask you to join us on the next leg of our adventure as we start to deploy on APTOS and help cultivate this new and exciting ecosystem along side Cardano and Milkomeda! Our goal is to bring liquidity from the APTOS ecosystem to Cardano! We will add new updates to our roadmap soon!

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