AdaSwap is getting ready to launch ADANFT, An ultra-exclusive Cardano NFT Marketplace!

ADANFT by AdaSwap

One of AdaSwap’s most anticipated products is a fully native Cardano NFT marketplace!

AdaSwap plans to launch ADANFT in the coming weeks side-by-side with the $ASW token listing and utilize it’s tokens on the exclusive marketplace

ADANFT plans to revolutionize the Cardano NFT space by creating a well-curated and monitored NFT platform, rather than taking an approach like CNFT, Genesis and OpenSea.

It’s end-goal is to create a voting and tiering system by utilizing the $ASW tokens.

The ADANFT Voting System is planned to work by allowing the public to vote on art of their interests on a weekly basis, giving users rewards for doing so (exclusive airdrops, tier privileges and more), the top art of the week will then be processed by selected moderators (also hand-picked by the community) that will give a green light to the collection drops.
This is the main component that makes an exclusive well-picked collection.

The ADANFT Tier System is what will ultimately make the collections hard-to-get and rare.
There will be 3 tiers: Silver, Gold and Platinum.
The tier each user gets will first start by $ASW token holdings but is planned at later stages to be also implementing user activity, community engagement, voting participation and other metrics that will lead to ADANFT’s growth.

In conclusion, ADANFT is a new concept that is planned to grow Cardano’s involvement in the NFT space as well as bring more users to AdaSwap’s ecosystem and create real value for $ASW token holders.




The next-gen DEX based on Cardano!

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The next-gen DEX based on Cardano!

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