AdaSwap forms partnership with VyFi

2 min readDec 22, 2021

AdaSwap is proud to announce our partnership with VyFinance, an up-and-coming decentralized ecosystem on Cardano. This collaboration is the amalgamation of two very similar schools of thought, one of transparency, creativity, and honesty as both VyFinance and AdaSwap hold these values close to the core of each project. Users will be able to interact with both liquidity pools and farms in order to earn each token. This will allow our users to grow and prosper alongside two projects committed to their communities and the larger Cardano ecosystem as a whole.

The partnership between VyFinance and AdaSwap will allow VyFinance to host a $ASW/ADA liquidity farm/pool on VyFinance, while likewise AdaSwap will provide a VYFI/ADA liquidity farm/pool on AdaSwap. VYFI token will also be included in Adaswaps’ “Stake and Foreget” feature, and $ASW will be included in VyFi’s pools. As aforementioned these tools will provide our users with the ability to earn each token and help build a stronger and more advantageous Cardano ecosystem.


AdaSwap is one of the first Decentralised exchanges to launch on the growing Cardano ecosystem. With traditional DEFI tools such as an exchange and high yield staking pools, AdaSwap plans to equip its users with the necessary instruments needed to flourish in the DEFI space. AdaSwap has a remarkable focus on transparency and community, with a completely public team and vigorous community involvement, they already have a dedicated following that is steadily growing by the day. AdaSwap too has ambitious and inspiring plan for the future of NFTs. This will be done through a two-step integration of an NFT marketplace to rival the biggest and best. This will initially result in exclusive NFTs being available on AdaSwap and eventually developed into a fully-fledged NFT marketplace where users can come buy and sell NFTs to their hearts content.

ABOUT VyFinance

VyFinance is an original interpretation of a DEX, built upon four main pillars. Firstly, a liquidity aggregator (auto harvester) as our top layer (this is where users can come and without managing their own funds, the auto harvester can do that instead.) Secondly a Neural Net, a program that teaches itself how to perform tasks, and in this case will be learning how to optimise liquidity over yield farms. Thirdly, a Bar in which a certain percentage of fees from the exchange, and a part of the farm from the Auto harvester will be distributed to the bar (our VYFI holders). Finally, an LMS system to tie it all together. The LMS aims to educate newcomers on how to interact with DEFI successfully and safely, the ultimate goal is for users to engage with the Auto Harvester and eventually gain the essential knowledge to use our more traditional defi tools such pools and farms.