AdaSwap drops an all-new introduction video

AdaSwap is among the first to build an AMM and Decentralized Exchange on the Cardano Network.

Our main goal is to develop and grow the Cardano ecosystem.
For the first time ever, any Cardano user can start earning high yields on their ADA tokens through staking pools and have the possibility to swap between tokens on the network.

In addition to high-yield staking pools, we’ll have a dedicated Launchpad for new projects launching tokens on the Cardano Network, we want to give all of the best tools possible to new creators, allowing them to grow while giving our investors and users early bird access to new innovative projects.

Another main focus of ours is building the NFT space from the ground up on Cardano, and allow seamless transition from other networks like Ethereum, Avalanche and Solana to ADA.

We have partnered with strategic NFT celebrities that will launch exclusive art on AdaSwap and slowly roll out new tools that will allow creators for seamless transition, We strive to be the biggest NFT Marketplace on Cardano.

Our vision is to build a worldwide community around Cardano and flourish the network in order to make ADA accepted as an international means of exchange.

AdaSwap is going to be the backbone of Cardano, allowing users to Sell Artwork, Stake Tokens, Launch Projects and Earn Interest on the Ecosystem.

Welcome to our community, let’s make Cardano and AdaSwap a part of the world’s economy.

We have an extraordinary team and have just started expanding our marketing team

We already have Jay Alvarez, Cameron Dallas, Taylor Caniff, Skyler Parks on our side as well as powerful Israeli influencers like Michal Carmi, Tomer Rotchild, Dor Chechik, Keira Emi Alma etc.

The core team is Israel based in the heart of Tel-Aviv being fully transparent with all socials out in the open plus a live AMA while launch.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg!




The next-gen DEX based on Cardano!

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The next-gen DEX based on Cardano!

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