AdaSwap 1st Testnet Update

2 min readJun 30, 2022


We are a little more than 24 hours into the testnet operation of the leading DEX in the Cardano ecosystem, we found ourselves with a brief moment to reflect on our journey to where we are. At the core, we aim to open up financial services to a broader array of people that otherwise would not have access as well as growing native liquidity in the Cardano ecosystem. The launch of AdaSwap’s testnet through Cardano’s 1st layer 2 solution called Milkomeda was a huge success which we are proud of. The network and the protocol held up with 100% uptime and zero network failure points. We have many awesome updates and improvements in the works to make the entire experience run smoother.

AdaSwap Fam, Thank you!

1st thing 1st is we need to give a big thanks to the incredible efforts of our R&D team and contributors for the thousands of man-hours they have put into this project and the responsiveness of our community over the past few days.

These past 24 hours have been the start of a new age for AdaSwap.

  • The total amount of transactions: Over 33,000
  • 100% uptime
  • No security issues
  • Number of tickets submitted: 790

What We Now Know

More than 790 feedback tickets were submitted! We have taken your feedback to heart and are processing all of it as quickly as we can. Most of the feedback that we saw fell into three main categories:

  • UI (user interface) compliments
  • The main bug report has been mobile functionality
  • The main feature request is a light and dark mode

To begin addressing this feedback, we will be rolling out some updates over the next few days and weeks that will drastically improve the AdaSwap experience. We will also publish a list of upcoming fixes and updates in the coming days, so you can keep informed of what is going on.

A quote from our CTO Nir Hagshury: I am very excited from the community response after all the hours and hard work that has been committed by our R&D team. It makes it worth it and we aim to have the best DEX (we know we have the most beautiful DEX). Mainnet here we come!

Nir Hagshury

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