ADANFT Upcoming Mystery Boxes & Voting

2 min readMay 3, 2022


ADANFT plans to reveal its second stage of development to the public in the coming two weeks.

What are they ?

The Voting System

The voting system is a crucial step for ADANFT’s decentralization plans as well as community engagement in the upcoming collections that are set to launch, the voting system essentially allows all users with at least 1000 $ASW in their wallet to vote for the next NFT drops.

The implementation will be in two stages, first it will allow users to vote collections after hired moderators in the AdaSwap Team have checked that they’re legit and good for entry and at the second stage it plans to give to its users the freedom to pick moderators and participants.

You can test the new feature out here:

Mystery Boxes

ADANFT’s Mystery Boxes are going to be a big step forward for the Cardano ecosystem as a whole, it will be the first mystery boxes of its kind, bringing exciting new and mysterious drops to the public.

ADANFT has been very innovative since it’s launch last month and has brought a ton of unseen features to the Cardano NFT space such as the ADANFT Tier System as well as cross-chain capabilities such as connecting Wrapped $ASW holders from Ethereum using MetaMask on the marketplace. The AdaSwap Team strives bringing new users to the fast and growing Cardano ecosystem with features like those.

Stay tuned!