ADANFT INO Launchpad set to help open GameFi to Cardano

The AdaNFT platform is on a mission to help creators and GameFi projects get started and take advantage of opportunities in the world of DeFi and Gaming on Cardano. In other words, we want to help creators of the world get comfortable and love using DeFi dApps, instead of inspiring a subset of DeFi enthusiasts to love NFTs.

In the next phase of AdaNFT’s growth, we will no longer focus on being “the first premium NFT marketplace on Cardano”. AdaNFT will shift its focus on being “the platform for creators to access opportunities in DeFi with the best user experience for anyone, anywhere”.

AdaNFT is much more than just a premium NFT marketplace. We have designed our Market place to act as an INO launchpad to accelerate the adoption of NFTs and Gaming on the Cardano ecosystem and help create a new generation of Play to Earn and NFT with utility on Cardano. We want to be the 1st access point where games of utility-based NFT projects can deploy assets with the backing and support of AdaSwap and it’s contributors.

In the coming weeks we will share more information on how we plan to grow AdaNFT into one of the leading DeFi Cardano platforms.

The $ASW token will act as a gateway to the INO buy giving users access to different level NFTs and Perks by holding our token, no Stalking is required!

This post also acts as a CTA to any gaming of NFT project that would like to launch on our INO launchpad. Please reach out to Aaron Tait our COO via this telegram link:




The next-gen DEX based on Cardano!

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The next-gen DEX based on Cardano!

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